Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Why Group Meditations

The practice of meditation yields many fruits. We can learn to observe our brain's messages instead of just the old knee-jerk reaction. We may become more calm. Meditators are said to be healthier than non-meditators. Ultimately the hope is that we let go of the idea that we are separate from the world and realize our Oneness. While Zen texts frequently speak of suddenly becoming aware of this Oneness, or attaining enlightenment, it is often a more gradual process. Maybe during our meditations we see a glimpse of this experience. In a quite moment with a close family member, pet or favorite place, this sense of Oneness may arise. Where ever it occurs, nurture the awareness--give it room to grow.
In group meditation a space exists where people who are interested in this Oneness can come together. This is a time and space where we can feel safe practicing group oneness. We can let go of the trouble-making mind and be that clear, empty and loving space. Coming to this place together magnifies the energy that is created. This energy affects each of us "individually", but it also benefits those in our immediate environment. (Check out this experiment, and this less skeptical look at it.)
Whether or not you are thinking about the idea of Oneness, the group meditation often produces a deeper feeling meditation--which is always nice. It also is a place of Sangha. Sometimes it is also a place of cookies--especially on special occasions. Come for the cookies or come for the Oneness, either way we'd love to have you.

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